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Minister launches new incentives for higher education study 1 June 2023
New bid to raise employability of capital market graduates 12 April 2023
Ministry seeks to introduce shorter, more flexible courses 2 March 2023
Bid to merge university funding bodies meets opposition 15 November 2022
Lecturers urge president to help cash-strapped universities 11 November 2022
University staffers turn to rights body with abuse claims 29 October 2022
General election gets lukewarm response from students 15 October 2022
Vice-chancellors call for separate universities’ ministry 28 September 2022
Government raises loan amounts for middle-income students 18 September 2022
HE ministry sets up committee to educate student voters 20 August 2022
More universities could see staff cuts, committee warns 14 July 2022
Authority wants colleges to review curricula every 4 years 9 April 2022
Government moves to re-brand technical, vocational training 9 February 2022
Ministry announces plan to prepare students to be voters 29 January 2022
University defends number of recent PhD graduates 21 January 2022
Academics oppose plan to merge public universities 27 November 2021
State sponsorship of private universities under fire 6 November 2021
Looming changes in universities’ student elections system 23 October 2021
Students to be periodically screened for COVID 16 October 2021
Order to halt face-to-face learning destabilises universities 3 April 2021
HE ministry to investigate ‘sugar baby’ claims 20 February 2021
Universities’ ‘zero tolerance’ approach to victim shaming 31 January 2021
Garissa University terror attack convict commits suicide 5 December 2020
Online learning has ‘negative impact’ – Survey 29 November 2020
Rationalisation sees cut in overseas education offices 21 November 2020