Ministry seeks to introduce shorter, more flexible courses

Malaysia’s Higher Education Ministry is looking at ways to lessen the burden of students, including by introducing flexible courses and shortening the study period for certain programmes at public universities, writes Yee Xiang Yun for The Star.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, said introducing a flexible study arrangement would allow students to undergo their studies at home for two years before completing the remainder of their course physically at the university. “This helps to reduce the cost of living for the students as they will be staying at home, compared to when they have to stay at hostels on campus.

“The ministry is also considering shortening the duration of certain courses from four years to three years. We are still studying the matter,” he told reporters after officiating a MYR75 million (US$17 million) scholarship fund by a university in Johor Bahru on Saturday 25 February. He added that the ministry would also look at improving the tuition fees for the courses as there would be lesser usage of the university facilities.
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