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The number of children at international schools in China suggests the number of Chinese undergraduates in the United States could soon bounce back, but Chinese parents are weighing up the advantages of US study with a perceived risk to their children’s physical safety.
PHOTO Recent changes in China’s academic appraisal process and the current stress on ideological correctness have ushered in new barriers for China’s social sciences scholars. Is it worth trying to publish outside China in the face of such changes and challenges?
PHOTO As student demand for higher education grows in India, the availability of high quality faculty is key to meeting the goal of quality education, but attracting such faculty comes with a number of challenges that call for careful planning and an understanding of national trends.
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Visas issued to Indian students have picked up after a slow-down a year ago, leading with record numbers in the United Kingdom and a significant increase in student visas issued by the United States. This is in contrast with Canada, possibly due to its political row with India.
PHOTO Students at the University of Hong Kong could be expelled or fined over any conduct or activity considered to bring the city’s top-ranked higher education institution into disrepute, according to new university regulations deemed by students to be ‘vague and unnecessary’.
PHOTO With Chinese students facing huge rises in university tuition fees from the recently commenced new academic year, Chinese authorities have announced big rises in low-interest government-subsidised student loans to ease the burden on families and improve university access.
In what is being seen as a landmark case for academic freedom, the South Korean Supreme Court found a history professor ‘not guilty’ of defaming former victims of Japanese military sexual slavery, known as ‘comfort women’, in her book. But the case is not over yet.
The quota of non-local undergraduate students from overseas and mainland China at Hong Kong’s public universities is set to double from 20% to 40% – part of a raft of measures announced this week that are intended to position Hong Kong as an international hub for education, innovation and research.
Academic experts say better monitoring and protection of Indonesian forests are needed to deal with forest and peat fires, which are currently generating air pollution in the form of a transboundary haze that has closed schools and is straining Indonesia’s relations with its neighbours.
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A complex interplay of historical and cultural forces has resulted in the creation of a competitive and exclusionary academic environment for international academics which poses significant challenges to their successful integration in Japan, despite the official push towards internationalisation of higher education institutions.
PHOTO Taejae University, South Korea’s new global online university, has its first class starting this autumn. Enrolment has been low so far despite its ambitions to disrupt the higher education market. The university needs to prove what sets it apart from other institutions.
PHOTO The stories of two Vietnamese language teachers who taught Vietnamese in South Korea and Brunei respectively offer entry points into broader discussions around the growing availability of Asian languages in Asian universities and what this means for the cultural and economic dominance of the West.
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After a period of ‘maritime blindness’, Sri Lanka’s renewed focus on marine research and collaboration with international partners is a promising step towards harnessing the potential of the nation’s rich maritime resources and bolstering the blue economy, according to a local expert.
SDGs in Asia
The ASEAN Consolidated Strategy on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the post-pandemic recovery have profoundly changed the work landscape, underlining the importance of upskilling and reskilling in the ASEAN region through sustainable international partnerships.
PHOTO As work continues on improving access and quality in higher education systems worldwide, equity and inclusion have become a more important policy focus. This requires fresh perspectives and proactive measures to shape the future transformation of higher education aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
PHOTO When it comes to higher education reforms, student experience is rarely taken into account. A recent study shows why it should be and how that relates to the Sustainable Development Goals. The greatest differences in students’ experiences are based on gender, discipline and public versus private universities.
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PHOTO With an eye to developing a clean, alternative aviation fuel to reduce carbon emissions, researchers at the United Arab Emirates University have been focusing on the production of jet fuel from sustainable resources such as halophytes, which are salt-tolerant plants that could be cultivated on a wider scale in the region’s coastal areas.
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PHOTO Artificial intelligence is now a part of our evolution in technology and teachers need to be encouraged to find ways to bring AI into the classroom and have students use it in a way that is beneficial to them in the long term.
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PHOTO As water scarcity reaches critical levels globally, a research team at the United Arab Emirates University seeks to revolutionise seawater desalination practices, offering a path to mitigate water scarcity while championing environmental preservation.