Top Israeli official has a warning for US universities

Nir Barkat, Israel’s minister of economy and industry, is warning American universities to crack down on antisemitism. “Schools that prioritise taking money instead of doing what’s right and doing good are going to have a serious problem,” Barkat told Matt Egan for CNN.

Tensions have been running high on some college campuses since last month’s Hamas terror attack on Israel and in the wake of the Hamas-Israel war.

Speaking from a Manhattan hotel on 16 November, Barkat said his recent conversations with lawmakers during his trip to the United States suggest there will be legislative efforts to crack down on antisemitism on campus. “You’re going to see many funders of Ivy League and other universities shy away from that behaviour,” he said. Barkat argued that schools that failed to fight antisemitism are “going to be paying a heavy price for that”.
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