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Shooting of 3 Palestinian college students: suspect arrested 2 December 2023
Top Israeli official has a warning for US universities 18 November 2023
Florida chapters of pro-Palestine student group still intact 11 November 2023
University fined for misrepresenting costs of PhD programmes 4 November 2023
Columbia postpones fundraiser amid Israel-Hamas war tension 27 October 2023
University early decisions mostly benefit rich kids – Study 24 October 2023
Florida’s private HEIs must also comply with bathroom rule 20 October 2023
Harvard University inaugurates its first black president 3 October 2023
Former University of Phoenix students’ loan debt cancelled 22 September 2023
Study explores family income and college admission links 29 July 2023
Detained for stealing data to rate student attractiveness 8 July 2023
Wooden campus building is country’s latest ode to nature 10 June 2023
Biden’s student loan forgiveness programme blocked by bill 3 June 2023
Colleges will be able to hide applicants’ race, ethnicity 1 June 2023
TikTok banned from university-owned devices in Florida 12 April 2023
Texas university president cancels student drag fundraiser 24 March 2023
Howard basketball team stands up for black maternal health 20 January 2023
College admissions scam mastermind sentenced to 3.5 years 11 January 2023
Critiques mount around popular annual college rankings 14 September 2022
Columbia admits it submitted inaccurate data to rankings 14 September 2022
University approaches Supreme Court in LGBTQ club case 4 September 2022
Two more bomb threats: HBCUs criticise lack of arrests 4 September 2022
University to retain judge as professor despite protests 2 July 2022
Fears of revisionism as Marcos ally lands top education job 14 May 2022
University of California to waive fees for Native Americans 29 April 2022