HE has role in solving Ontario’s housing crisis – Report

All levels of government need to collaborate to get more housing built in Ontario, but that work also needs to include the post-secondary education sector, says a report published on Thursday 17 August by a University of Ottawa-based think tank, writes Allison Jones for The Canadian Press.

The Smart Prosperity Institute report, says the provincial government’s goal of building 1.5 million homes in 10 years is a good target, even if it will be “exceptionally difficult” to get there. “Ontario has not built 750,000 homes, half of what is needed, in any 10-year period since 1973-82, when new episodes of the television [show] M*A*S*H were being aired,” the report says.

Report author Mike Moffatt said he still believes the target can be achieved, but it will take a huge joint effort from government and other sectors. Governments should join with industry and labour to develop a plan outlining responsibilities, have regular meetings and track progress, Moffatt wrote in the report. But there is also a vital role that higher education plays in the housing system, he said.
“The enrolment decisions that colleges, universities, and other schools make can substantially increase the community’s need and demand for housing,” the report said.
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