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Ontario universities remove course details from websites 1 September 2023
Quebec universities oppose suggestion to cap student visas 25 August 2023
HE has role in solving Ontario’s housing crisis – Report 18 August 2023
University open lounges designated for black students 7 April 2023
Universities brace for a return of students from China 14 February 2023
Visa delays could thwart another global Montreal conference 12 February 2023
More universities review honours for ‘Indigenous’ academic 20 January 2023
Overseas students drive rise in Atlantic region enrolment 23 October 2022
Post-secondary education in Quebec should be free – Study 27 August 2022
Alberta minister offers to help relocate university staff 9 August 2022
Concerns over lecturer’s suspension for anti-vax comments 14 July 2022
Newly tabled bill says no words are off limits in lectures 9 April 2022
Several universities to retain some COVID-19 precautions 27 February 2022
University committee proposes gender training for students 13 February 2022
University classrooms are not safe spaces – AF committee 18 December 2021
Some universities say no to proof of vaccination rule 15 May 2021
Universities reassure prospective students over admissions 24 October 2020
Universities could lose up to CA$3.4 billion due to COVID-19 17 October 2020
Students upset as some universities hike tuition fees 6 June 2020
Uncertain time ahead for colleges and universities 25 April 2020
Students at several Ontario colleges asked to vacate dorms 21 March 2020
Universities try to stop students from binge drinking 31 August 2019
'Purpling' at universities under review amid health warning 13 July 2019
Strategy on the cards to attract more foreign students 20 April 2019
Canadian universities now growing marijuana on campus 30 November 2018