University rectors to discuss paid tuition in certain cases

The Council of Rectors is slated to discuss next month under what conditions and exceptions universities in Estonia could be given the opportunity to charge for higher education in Estonian-language degree programmes – in cases where a student wants to earn their second or further bachelor, masters or doctoral degree, writes Jane Saluorg for ERR.

Speaking at the Opinion Festival that took place in Paide recently, coalition Eesti 200 chair Lauri Hussar said that implementing paid higher education tuition would be linked to specific conditions, involving those who want to earn a second degree. “If someone wants to pursue additional higher education, then at some point a paid [tuition] perspective will come up as well,” Hussar said. “This is to a great extent related to the fact that higher education needs more money, and as stated, one’s first higher education will still be free here.”

According to Minister of Education and Research Kristina Kallas (Eesti 200), it was agreed in coalition negotiations that free higher education would remain at current volumes. However, it was also agreed that the blanket ban on charging for Estonian-language higher education is to be scrapped.
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