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The many ways in which AI can help teaching and learning 20 May 2023
HE budget increased, but universities still under pressure 19 May 2023
Why are Chinese researchers less cited by US academics? 26 April 2023
Local university enrolments drop as foreign students return 30 March 2023
President receives honorary degree ahead of elections 24 March 2023
The arduous journey to establish a successful journal 23 March 2023
Who makes AI? Better popular films for a better gendered world 10 March 2023
Almost all parties pledge to keep higher education free 25 February 2023
Society-centred institutions require cultural shift in HE 25 January 2023
Structural HE reforms required to balance knowledge, skills 19 January 2023
Quality assurance networks should work towards harmonisation 15 December 2022
Universities should be dynamic, ‘transformative spaces’ 24 November 2022
‘There is no such thing as an African university’ 17 November 2022
‘Africa needs digitised open universities and dual education’ 3 November 2022
Universities’ extra €10 million may go towards heating 26 October 2022
African HE can be more competitive through 4IR technologies 26 October 2022
Duality of knowledge paradigms requires institutional agility 29 September 2022
New law permits only one free HE degree over 10 years 28 September 2022
University gender balance moves further along the XX axis 27 September 2022
All universities face threat of coordinated staff strikes 24 September 2022
Funding HE more fairly calls for a shift in the discourse 24 September 2022
Explore new ways to restructure knowledge production 22 September 2022
Student affairs and services commit to advancing SDGs 17 September 2022
Universities in Africa ‘don’t understand what they are’ 15 September 2022
‘Rebuild the intellectual community on the continent’ 8 September 2022