University closes book on lecturer transphobia complaints

Australia’s University of Melbourne has cleared a philosophy lecturer at the centre of a boycott campaign by trans rights activists of any disciplinary breach for attending a women’s rights rally gatecrashed by neo-Nazis, writes Chip Le Grand for The Sydney Morning Herald.

A broader dispute between the outspoken gender critical feminist, trans rights campaigners and the university shows no sign of abating, however, with Holly Lawford-Smith pressing ahead with a WorkSafe complaint against her employer and the university preparing to deploy security guards outside her second-year feminism class.

A two-year campaign by trans and allied students against Lawford-Smith escalated in the wake of the Let Women Speak rally, with activists putting up stickers and posters around campus accusing students who take her feminism class of being fascists and bigots. Nearly two months after the university launched an internal investigation into Lawford-Smith’s attendance at the Let Women Speak rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, it last week formally informed her she had no case to answer.
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