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War in Gaza tests free speech limits at Sydney University 9 November 2023
Early university offers to year 12 students reignite debate 6 September 2023
Where do universities stand on the Voice? It’s complicated 29 July 2023
Universities spending millions on consultants like PwC 28 June 2023
Universities extend Indian student ban amid fraud concerns 26 May 2023
University closes book on lecturer transphobia complaints 23 May 2023
Students on notice after launch of AI detection software 7 April 2023
The ‘D-Day’ rules putting international students at risk 11 March 2023
Review paves way for PM to reduce fees for arts degrees 2 March 2023
Universities to delay early offers – but concerns remain 14 January 2023
AU$6m gift to boost equity at university’s medical school 3 December 2022
Controversial move to boost women in engineering pays off 11 November 2022
Former PM slams ‘fascism’ after students shout him down 4 September 2022
How universities bypassed China firewall to gain students 8 July 2022
Minister to review federal veto power over research grants 8 July 2022
Chinese students make up over half of overseas enrolments 2 July 2022
Boys falling far behind girls in school and at university 15 June 2022
Universities back calls to scrap minister’s research veto 6 March 2022
Call for crackdown on cheating services for students 15 January 2022
Universities should raise international student fees – Professor 18 December 2021
Students to be trained to spot foreign interference 11 September 2021
Universities push back on foreign interference proposals 4 September 2021
Questions over plan’s impact on international students 11 July 2021
Top universities defy predictions of drop in overseas students 26 June 2021
Confucius Institutes face closure under veto laws 15 May 2021