Students without housing need support – Advocacy group

When Claire Pontefract found out she couldn't stay in her apartment for the upcoming school year, hunting for a place to live consumed her days. The second-year Dalhousie University student said she spent hours a day scanning websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace, searching for a safe, stable, and affordable home for herself and her roommates, writes Nicola Seguin for CBC News.

Pontefract and her roommates were on a fixed-term lease, and when their landlord told them they wouldn't be allowed to renew it, they asked for an explanation and received none. Then, they saw a unit in their building listed online for a much higher price.

Pontefract and her roommates are among tens of thousands of university and college students living in the province and looking for housing. The advocacy group Students Nova Scotia says this is one of the biggest issues facing students, and support isn't coming fast enough.
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