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Students without housing need support – Advocacy group 11 March 2023
Sexual violence in HE: Quebec to spend CA$54 million 15 February 2023
University leader who defied Alberta government is fired 4 February 2023
Minister moves to ‘strengthen’ free speech on campuses 3 February 2023
Plan to set up innovative Indigenous university centre 17 December 2022
In new programme, university seeks more diverse faculty 10 December 2022
Some Nova Scotia universities to continue masking next year 3 December 2022
Calls for law to save universities from Laurentian’s fate 25 November 2022
New university report tackles Indigenous identity fraud 5 November 2022
More work hours for foreign students a ‘short-term fix’ 15 October 2022
As campus food bank use grows, ‘care cupboards’ pop up 30 September 2022
Immunocompromised students scrambling for online options 23 September 2022
University now requires proof of Indigenous ancestry claims 28 July 2022
Students call for regulation of international student fees 19 July 2022
Indigenous faculty ‘validated’ by verification calls 14 July 2022
International student calls out ‘unfair’ university awards 24 June 2022
Indigenous scholar rejected for job over lack of paperwork 11 June 2022
Students to be hired to aid peers with mental health issues 11 May 2022
Manitoba universities offer support to Ukrainian students 20 March 2022
University initiative aims to protect Ukrainian archives 19 March 2022
Doctoral thesis rejected after inclusion of Arabic script 6 March 2022
Larger students speak out on inaccessible lecture seating 9 February 2022
Universities move to address Indigenous identity fraud 4 December 2021
Academic claiming to be Indigenous says career built on merit 13 November 2021
Wave of black studies programmes long overdue, scholars say 6 November 2021