Minister halts policy on ‘unqualified’ university leaders

Liberia’s Minister of Education D Ansu Sonii has halted a recent policy pronouncement from the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) which mandates all presidents and vice-presidents of all tertiary institutions in the country to be holders of terminal degrees, writes William Q Harmon for Daily Observer.

Sonii, who is also the board chairman of the NCHE, noted that the action of the commission is disruptive and came with no reasonable notifications, which makes it non-effective.

The NCHE policy prohibits non-PhD holders from serving as presidents and vice-presidents for academic affairs of any universities and colleges operating in Liberia. Currently, most university and college presidents and their deputies are holders of honorary doctorate degrees, which they tout as academic achievements. The policy, in essence, demanded the immediate resignation of any officials who do not meet the new required standards.
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