Faculty group calls for fast-tracking of credential audits

The University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) has challenged the authorities of the state-owned institution to fast-track its recently announced credential audits in a bid to weed out fake degree holders lecturing at the university, writes Obediah Johnson for Front Page Africa.

ULFA comprises professors, lecturers and staff of the government-owned university. It can be recalled that some time ago, the university, through the office of the vice president of academic affairs, mandated all full-time and part-time faculty members of the university to submit their credentials to the office for a “credential audit”.

ULFA’s latest call comes in the wake of allegations that two academics at the university have fake degrees. A group calling itself Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court, headed by its lead campaigner, youth and student activist Martin Kollie, has claimed that the education system in Liberia is inundated with or besieged by a salvo of “fake credentialists” who often masquerade as academics.
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