Star biologist leaves post under mysterious circumstances

Prominent evolutionary biologist Laurent Keller (61) will “no longer be working for” the University of Lausanne as of 6 February 2023, according to an email sent to members of the university’s department of ecology and evolution. The email did not state a reason for the departure, or say whether it was voluntary, writes Cathleen O’Grady for Science.

A source within the department, who asked to remain anonymous because the university instructed employees not to comment on Keller’s departure, says department members have not been told why Keller has left. In a phone call with Science, Keller did not answer questions about why he is no longer at the university.

Keller has made his name studying the social behaviour of ants, combining methods from behavioural ecology, genetics and robotics. Last year, he won a major award from the American Society of Naturalists for his work, which has resulted in more than 350 papers. Despite the apparent splintering of his lab, Keller told Science there will “still be excellent work published by my students”.
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