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Europe eyes closer research and innovation ties with Africa 17 September 2023
Applied sciences universities: a new player in EU research 30 August 2023
Seizure of university a blow to science – Researchers 30 August 2023
Science partnerships between Portugal and top US universities under threat 15 July 2023
Pendants reveal humans in South America 25,000 years ago 15 July 2023
Study finds cause for shift in Middle East dust activities 8 July 2023
Twice as many young women as men complete higher education 20 June 2023
Postdocs, researchers on strike at University of Washington 10 June 2023
Universities challenge Horizon Europe funding ban in court 26 May 2023
South Korea in formal talks on Horizon Europe association 26 May 2023
Concern over timing of EU research commissioner’s recall 12 May 2023
Can higher education be both inclusive and high quality? 11 May 2023
UK won’t have to pay full Horizon association fee, EC says 7 April 2023
Star biologist leaves post under mysterious circumstances 15 February 2023
Government ready to back down in EU university funding row 28 January 2023
Congress boosts spending on ‘earmarks’ to universities 29 December 2022
Ukraine war intensifies academic collaboration in Europe 5 November 2022
Call for targeted financial relief for Ukrainian research 7 October 2022
Statistics show most school achievers have parents with HE 11 September 2022
European Universities alliances add start-ups to playbook 4 September 2022
Many immigrants in Norway are overqualified for their jobs 28 July 2022
Five pillars of the European Innovation Agenda unveiled 3 July 2022
Universities brace for future Brexit effect on spin-outs 25 June 2022
US universities to fight bill targeting foreign gifts to faculty 25 June 2022
Prabhakar is Biden pick as adviser and science office head 15 June 2022