Activists criticise state universities’ student dress code

Activists in Egypt have criticised a new dress code at a number of state universities before the new academic year, writes Kamal Tabikha for The National.

Signs announcing the dress code appeared outside universities and were swiftly photographed by students and posted on social media. The rules include bans on clothes that are “too tight” and ripped, as well as distressed and see-through garments of any kind. Shorts, flip-flops and leggings have also been banned. The new regulations also outlawed galabeyas, a loose-fitting, one-piece garment traditionally worn by farmers in Egypt’s agricultural provinces.

The dress code was criticised by some rights activists, including president of the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights, Nehad Aboul Komsan. In an Instagram post, she said that although she agreed with the concept of educating Egypt’s young people about better conduct, she was concerned that the new dress code was aimed at covering up female students. Meanwhile, she claims the sometimes indecent behaviour of male students has been left unaddressed.
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