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Some final-year students receive no degree classification 23 June 2023
Activists criticise state universities’ student dress code 30 September 2022
Higher education investment needed to halt ‘brain drain’ 10 June 2022
Academics want Putin’s honorary degrees to be revoked 15 March 2022
Schools and universities to operate at 100% capacity in 2022 21 November 2021
Universities are key to economic recovery, government told 2 October 2021
Universities reshape admissions process as exams cancelled 13 June 2021
Universities cut fees to reduce strain, attract top students 10 April 2021
Whistleblower claims China controls its students in Scotland 3 April 2021
Family sponsorship rule set to attract more foreign students 31 January 2021
COVID restrictions mean Scottish universities face losses 23 January 2021
Campus police plan faces opposition from officials 10 January 2021
Ministry of education revokes licences of six universities 3 October 2020
Two universities now offer masters degree in space science 26 September 2020
Universities announce fee cuts to reduce strain on families 18 April 2020
Country to use history, culture to lure foreign students 18 January 2020
Call for higher education to lead innovation in Scotland 30 November 2019
Scottish universities face talent drain from no-deal Brexit 13 July 2019
School of Oriental and African Studies in financial trouble 15 June 2019
Four universities investigated for selling fake degrees 13 April 2019
Visa plan a 'kick in the teeth' to Scottish universities 9 March 2019
Sexual violence remains widespread in universities – Survey 1 March 2019
British universities to set up campuses in Egypt 26 January 2018
Eight universities sign link with UAE Space Agency 20 January 2017
Abu Dhabi education merger ‘will strengthen research’ 22 October 2016