Extra funds a good sign but still more needed – Rectors

This year, an additional €10 million (US$10.2 million) will be allocated to higher educational institutions, with the amount of funding also rising by 15% annually. Although universities had requested a sum of around €25 million to ease financial concerns, rectors say that even €10 million is a good sign but they hope for more, writes Siim Lõvi for ERR.

According to university rectors, while this year’s grant of €10 million will not solve all their problems, it is a sign that the higher education funding issue is being taken seriously.

“What is written in the coalition agreement is, of course, to be welcomed, and above all it will help to halt the decline in funding a little, but it will not stop it completely. Perhaps the most important thing is the realisation that there is also a need to increase the funding for higher education by 15% in the coming years,” said Toomas Asser, rector of the University of Tartu.
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