Women academics disagree about women-only universities

Although several years have passed since the establishment of Al-Zahraa University for Women in the Iraqi city of Karbala, Iraqi women academics still disagree about the need for its existence, writes Amr EL-Tohamy for Al-Fanar Media.

Some believe having women-only universities is the only way young women from conservative families can finish their education, while others think policies should be put through that change society. A UNESCO report in 2019 said it was estimated that more than a quarter of Iraqi women were illiterate, with the percentage rising to 50% in rural areas.

Al-Fanar Media spoke to Maram Youssef, an 18-year-old student at Al-Zahraa University for Women, who said she chose to enrol in the university three years ago despite being accepted by other public universities. She said joining a university designated for women allowed her to overcome “potential difficulties in mixed universities”.
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