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Canadian university in Cairo puts a hold on new students 30 August 2023
Minister describes serious toll of war on higher education 26 October 2022
Exam fails to resolve crisis for returned medical students 15 October 2022
New local ranking does not go far enough, say educators 29 September 2022
‘No going back’: Digital HE conference explores future 16 September 2022
University council links enrolments to labour market needs 14 August 2022
Women academics disagree about women-only universities 10 June 2022
Universities expand overseas to overcome economic crisis 25 May 2022
Israeli restrictions on Palestinian universities draw rebukes 13 May 2022
Attacks on women’s studies increase two scholars’ resolve 11 May 2022
Palestine joins recognition of qualifications convention 29 April 2022
Language and jobs are key issues in education debate 26 March 2022
Campus psychological support units struggle to meet needs 27 February 2022
Egypt’s oldest doctoral student dies at 85 27 January 2022
Conference highlights academics’ post-conflict role 18 December 2021
Professors may finally get raises under new agreement 21 November 2021
University sector faces serious losses, experts say 13 November 2021
Jordan looks to international rankings to improve universities 31 October 2021
Medical schools start final phase of curriculum reform 2 October 2021
Universities scramble to vaccinate staff, students 18 September 2021
Higher education minister has high aims but scant funds 4 September 2021
Students sue two universities over tuition hike 15 August 2021
Are US branch campuses paying off for Gulf states? – Study 24 July 2021
Survey reveals reasons behind exodus of academic talent 11 July 2021
Universities adopt academic credit-hour system 4 July 2021