Attacks on women’s studies increase two scholars’ resolve

Women’s studies at Kuwait University has come under attack from some politicians and public figures, but two female academics who launched the programme say the criticism has only increased their determination to keep going, writes Amr EL-Tohamy for Al-Fanar Media.

Reem Alrudainy, a faculty member at Kuwait University, supported by colleagues, established the Women’s and Gender Studies Research Unit at the university three years ago. Alrudainy said the unit tries to analyse and provide solutions to social, political and cultural problems, and to qualify students in women’s and gender studies research methods as tools for social planning.

Dalal Alfares, an assistant professor of women’s literature, was the only academic who joined Alrudainy in designing the research unit’s programmes. Alfares said the Kuwait University unit had faced attack campaigns from public figures and lawmakers since it started. They seek to cast doubt on the reasons for the unit and make some female students and teaching staff members hesitant to join, she said.
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