Academics join call to allow Gazans to exit Strip for study

Some 450 Israeli university professors have signed a petition calling for the Israeli government to allow Palestinian students besieged in Gaza to attend their universities abroad, Israeli rights group Gisha-Maslak said last week. The petition also called for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories to take immediate action to allow students from Gaza to exit the Gaza Strip in order to reach their academic institutions abroad, reports Middle East Monitor.

According to the NGO, the petition was initiated and drafted by members of Gisha’s board, against the backdrop of Israel’s ongoing prohibition on almost all travel via the Erez Crossing. The NGO said: “Since March 2020, Israeli authorities have agreed to process permit applications in even fewer, rarer circumstances than before, only allowing a small number of patients in need of urgent medical treatment and their companions, and a handful of others, to exit the Strip.”

It added: “Among the people impacted by this continued lockdown at Erez are students, including postgraduate students with lucrative scholarships, enrolled at academic institutions abroad requiring in-person attendance.”
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