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Four universities announce strike to protest judicial overhaul 29 July 2023
English set to replace French at Algerian universities 8 July 2023
Syrian activist, researcher flagged as a security threat 28 June 2023
‘Israeli Universities Festival’ axed after public protest 7 April 2023
Universities are building bridges in form of online course 17 February 2023
Professors stop work following students’ threats, attacks 18 November 2022
University graduates protest amid growing unemployment 23 September 2022
Hamas calls for global boycott of Israeli universities 8 July 2022
Hamas calls for global boycott of Israeli universities 26 June 2022
Egypt exempts Gaza students from university tuition fees 29 May 2021
Calls to protect Arab students in Israeli universities 22 May 2021
University Facebook hacked after student exchange deal 20 February 2021
Academics join call to allow Gazans to exit Strip for study 23 January 2021
Prison torture survivor admitted to top US university 7 November 2020
Two public universities ban Bashir party’s activities 14 December 2019
US envoy helps open new medical school in settlement 2 November 2019
Students in protests refuse to return to class 26 October 2019
Society endorses boycott of Israeli universities 29 June 2019
UK university divests from firms supplying Israel army 9 November 2018
14% of students are foreigners, says minister 20 July 2018
Assad gives nod to Iranian Islamic university branches 20 April 2018
Financial crisis threatens collapse of universities 28 August 2015
Gaza students still barred from West Bank universities 27 February 2015
Gaza universities targeted during hostilities – UNESCO 30 January 2015
UK minister asked to help curb academic boycott moves 6 December 2013