Experts call for a ‘take your son into university day’

Experts seeking to address male academic underachievement among boys and young men are calling for the introduction of a ‘take your son into university day’ in an effort to increase male participation in higher education, writes Sally Weale for The Guardian.

The proposal is based on ‘take your daughter to work day’, which began in 1993 as a way of exposing girls to as wide a range of careers as possible, and aims to address the growing gender gap at British universities where female students outnumber males.

It is one of a number of proposals put forward at a conference last week organised by the charity Men and Boys Coalition, to address what it described as the extensive and growing gap in educational attainment between boys and girls. Young women in England are 36% more likely to apply to degree courses than young men. Figures for 2018 show there were 29,100 more undergraduate applications from 18-year-old women compared with their male peers.
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