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Staff at 150 universities launch three days of strike action 24 March 2023
1,100 scientists and students barred amid China crackdown 18 March 2023
Academics speak out about impact of outsourced courses 17 March 2023
London university is first to ‘turn students into spies’ 11 March 2023
Hope fades as universities reopen after break without women 11 March 2023
Rise in universities’ use of for-profit course providers 11 March 2023
Six fossil fuel companies donated US$700m to universities 4 March 2023
Universities rebuked for ‘unfair’ handling of misconduct 4 March 2023
In new deal, universities could open campuses in India 25 February 2023
Cambridge University students vote for all-vegan menus 25 February 2023
University accused of ‘colluding’ with pro-Israel group 14 February 2023
Universities split on adoption of antisemitism definition 12 February 2023
Brexit causes collapse in EU research funding for Oxbridge 12 February 2023
Welsh universities face job cuts as EU research funds end 11 February 2023
Students should be told about job prospects – Commission 11 February 2023
Vice-chancellors criticise proposed student visa curbs 3 February 2023
In the absence of reproductive rights … a vending machine 3 February 2023
Former ministers attack vocational qualifications plan 3 February 2023
Scotland may have to rethink free university places pledge 28 January 2023
Melbourne university first to adopt antisemitism definition 28 January 2023
Academics sue Oxford University for contract ‘Uberisation’ 25 January 2023
Harvard reverses decision on fellowship for Israel critic 22 January 2023
Lecturers urged to review threat from AI essay tool 17 January 2023
New vice-chancellor to probe staff pay and conditions 13 January 2023
University staff given option to work on national holiday 11 January 2023