Students threaten strike over delays in government funds

Learning activities in Kenyan institutions of higher learning may grind to a halt this week if students make good their threat to stage countrywide demonstrations to push for the release of funds from the government, writes Serfine Achieng for Citizen Digital.

A section of student leaders drawn from various universities and TVETs (technical and vocational education and training colleges) have decried what they term as the untold suffering of thousands of vulnerable first-year students who are yet to receive scholarships and loans under the new funding model two months after they reported to school. The student leaders have also claimed that they were not involved in the review of the new University Funding Model.

Raphael Leboo, a student at Kisii University, joined the institution almost a month ago but has had a rocky start to his first year of study due to the delayed disbursement of loans and scholarships under the new funding model. A single room that barely has any furniture is where Raphael and two of his mates have been putting up as they struggle to share rent and food.
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