Government to fund participation in EU research programmes

The government of Hungary will provide every university with the necessary funding to ensure their participation in European research cooperation programmes, the culture and innovation ministry said on Wednesday 13 September, reports The Budapest Times/MTI.

“The government will not allow that, because of decisions by Brussels, Hungarian researchers and students should suffer a competitive disadvantage. It will continue to provide funding for the programmes including Erasmus, Horizon or the European Cooperation in Science and Technology,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said that the government set up this year a HUF5 billion (€13 million or US$14 million) fund dubbed Onero Alap to directly support EU research programmes, which it could later increase. According to the National Research, Development and Innovation Office website, the Onero Alap has been set up to support Hungarian universities that operate under a new structure and have been excluded from European programmes under a European Council decree passed last December.
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