HE institutions sign performance contracts with ministry

The Gambia’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology has signed a performance contract with tertiary and higher education institutions under its jurisdiction, writes Mam Nabou Kah for The Point.

The contract, signed on Friday 1 September at the Ministry’s Conference Hall in Bijilo, is to ensure that educational institutions, such as the University of the Gambia, the University of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, the Gambia Management Development Institute and the Gambia College, have all the programmes on their curriculum conveyed in an effective and efficient manner that would leave no recipient wanting.

Amidst the brief discussion that took place during the signing, heavy emphasis was placed upon the need for institutions as such to have contracts in place that will work towards ensuring quality service delivery and performance. “The way our tertiary and higher institutions mould learners should be in such a way that upon graduation they migrate to their future offices with the right attitude and the right knowledge,” said Dr Gibril Jaw, the CEO of the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority, set to provide the supervisory and technical oversight required in the implementation of the performance contract.
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