Confucius Institute at university to continue operations

The University of Luxembourg has announced that its Confucius Institute will remain operational despite increased scrutiny and criticism of similar institutes in Germany, writes C├ędric Ferry for, adapted for RTL Today.

The Confucius Institutes, Chinese state educational institutions under the authority of the Chinese Ministry of Education, officially aim to promote Chinese languages and cultural exchange worldwide. The institutes are located at partner universities in various countries around the world. In recent years, they have faced accusations of spreading Chinese propaganda and being engaged in scientific and economic espionage, particularly in Germany where several universities have since terminated their cooperation with the institutes or announced their intention not to renew collaboration agreements.

In this context, our colleagues from reached out to the University of Luxembourg for comments on the criticism of the institutes and whether this would have an impact on the Confucius Institute at In response, the university highlighted that they are aware of the criticism of the institutes but assured that they are vigilant in managing partnerships.
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