Latin American universities embrace ChatGPT despite fears

When Chilean university professor Diego Martínez asked his 50 students if they had used ChatGPT to help with an engineering assignment, he was surprised to find that every one of them had, write Anastasia Moloney, Diana Baptista, Fabio Teixeira for Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The popular AI chatbot can generate coherent prose, including essays, stories, summaries, legal text and even poetry about virtually any subject in response to users’ questions and is designed to mimic a human conversation. “We just have to realise that there is a new student in the room that is helping everyone,” said Martínez, associate professor of industrial engineering at Chile’s Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso (PUCV).

“Students use it for everything, to brainstorm, to synthesise information, to improve grammar,” said Martínez. In Chile and Colombia, university teachers and students are using OpenAI’s chatbot on a regular basis as a research assistant, writer, editor and even code programmer, which they say can boost learning and reduce teacher workload.
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