National hospital receives 150 medical students from Sudan

Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania has received 150 medical students from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Khartoum, Sudan. The students have been relocated to Tanzania to complete their final year of studies following the outbreak of war in Sudan, reports The Citizen.

Speaking to the journalists, the executive director of Muhimbili National Hospital, Professor Mohamed Janabi, said the civil war in Sudan had forced the closure of academic institutions and disruptions of various activities.

According to Janabi, the students are in their fifth year of the first degree in medicine, in which they are required to undergo more practical training. He said they will be assigned to various departments, such as surgery, under the supervision of expert doctors to carry on with their studies. “Muhimbili Hospital will assist them in their learning, as they would do with local students, and upon completion of their studies, they may be offered the opportunity to do an internship at the hospital,” he said.
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