University leaders urged to take steps to ensure quality

Members of university councils, senates and governing boards have been instructed to be aware of problems that compromise the quality of education in Tanzania and to take steps to improve internal quality assurance procedures to get education back on track, writes Jacob Mosenda for The Citizen.

Speaking while closing a two-day consultative training workshop for university heads yesterday, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Professor Adolf Mkenda singled out areas that needed to be worked upon to help improve the quality of education.

Mkenda noted the presence of a hot debate in Tanzania about the quality of education and that it intensified after COVID-19 pandemic. “There are some challenges, including the low learning capacity of students admitted to universities, which can prompt lecturers to lower quality standards. Financial challenges are ours [government officials] to solve, and we really need to work on them,” Mkenda told the more than 120 participants of the meeting in Dar es Salaam.
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