TikTok launches 3-week app course for tertiary students

To help expand the local tech talent pool, TikTok on Monday 15 May launched a programme to teach tertiary students in Singapore how to build apps like its video-hosting platform that can reliably handle large amounts of user traffic, writes Tay Hong Yi for The Straits Times.

Developed and taught by TikTok’s engineering team, the TikTok Tech Immersion programme is a free, three-week intensive technical boot camp for those studying in universities and polytechnics as well as other tertiary education institutions in Singapore. More than 1,300 students signed up to be among the first cohort of the programme, which involves courses taught on eight days from Monday till 31 May.

The programme aims to provide 5,000 students with deeper academic training and practical knowledge to prepare them for meaningful careers in technology over the next five years, TikTok said in a statement. TikTok joins a growing group of tech giants such as Google and Facebook parent Meta that have launched training schemes to develop Singapore’s tech talent pool. “Given the fact that Singapore is one of TikTok’s global headquarters, the company recognises the importance of investing in the next generation of local talent that can meet the demands of the fast-growing tech industry,” it said.
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