Private college representative to head peak HE authority

After years of attacking higher education, it seems the government has finally succeeded in conquering Israel’s research universities. Education Minister Yoav Kisch has recommended appointing Professor David Schwartz from the private Ono Academic College to the position of deputy chairman of the Council of Higher Education in Israel. The council is expected to approve the appointment this week, writes Lior Dattel for Haaretz.

With the appointment of Schwartz, the universities will lose the remnants of their control over the higher education system, and for the first time a representative of private colleges – and not the universities – will head the Council for Higher Education.

The deputy chairman of the CHE is, in practice, the chairman of the council and the most senior figure in the affairs of higher education in Israel. The universities will now be dependent on the deputy chairman, who will promote the interests of private colleges, which are inherently in conflict with the interests of Israel's public universities.
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