Universities churn out startups as ties with industry grow

New data shows there is a growing number of Israeli startups originating in universities and medical centres, accounting for almost 13% of all new startups set up in 2020, writes Shoshanna Solomon for The Times of Israel.

The number of tech firms getting their start in research institutions in Israel has grown every year since 2016, even as the total number of new startups each year has declined, the data released by the umbrella organisation of Israel’s tech transfer companies shows. They accounted for almost 13% of all startups set up in 2020, compared to just 3.2% in 2016, the data shows.

Tech transfer companies are created within universities to manage the intellectual property assets of researchers and help transfer their knowledge and technologies to the business sector, thus bridging the gap between research and commercial products. This transfer of innovation is often done through cooperation and licensing deals. Scientists who once worked in the so-called ivory tower, where their main purpose was to do research, publish papers and teach, are today encouraged to collaborate with businesses and boost R&D.
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