University grade conversions create a storm of discontent

Hodgepodge conversions of traditional grade point averages, based on the A-to-F convention, to a 100-point-percent scale is creating a storm of discontent among some students, reports Korea JoongAng Daily.

Students are “sensitive to the conversion scores because the competition for major law schools and companies rises every year”, said a 21-year-old Korea University student. In Korea, many businesses and law schools look at the converted grades, which read in terms of percent, for a “fair” comparison of academic performance. “A Yonsei University student earns a higher percent grade even if he gets the same letter grade as mine,” said the student. “Schools applying different conversion systems leave students feeling resentful.”

Korea University changed its conversion standard from the spring semester this year due to complaints from students who argue that the tough conversion leaves them at a disadvantage when applying for jobs or graduate school. An A letter grade converted to 94.3 points last year, but now it converts to 95. A B+, which was 88.6 previously, is now 90. Other universities have changed or are reportedly in the process of changing the conversion formula as well.
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