Afghan religious scholars criticise girls’ education ban

Afghan religious scholars on Saturday 8 April criticised the ban on female education beyond sixth grade, as a key Taliban minister warned clerics not to rebel against the government on the controversial issue, reports The Associated Press.

Two religious scholars who are well-known within Afghanistan said on Saturday that authorities should reconsider their decision. One scholar, Abdul Rahman Abid, said institutions should be permitted to re-admit girls and women through separate classes, hiring female teachers, staggering timetables, and even building new facilities. Knowledge is obligatory in Islam for men and women, he told The Associated Press, and Islam allows women to study.

Acting Higher Education Minister Nida Mohammad Nadim said on Friday that clerics should not speak against government policy. He made his remarks after another scholar, Abdul Sami Al Ghaznawi, told students at a religious school that there was no conflict over girls’ education. He said Islamic scripture was clear that girls’ education was acceptable. Al Ghaznawi was not immediately available for comment.
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