Universities racing to tap into ‘huge’ India for students

Australian universities, especially in Victoria, have identified a massive growth opportunity from bolstered ties with India, and a pledge by the developing country’s government to boost educational attainment of its growing cohort of young people, writes Gus McCubbing for the Australian Financial Review.

Victoria University Chief International Officer Monty Singh is emboldened by one statistic in particular: one million Indians turn 18 every month. That means, he says, that as Australia looks to deepen its ties with India off the back of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit last week, all Australian universities can attract more students.

Indian students make up the dominant share of Victoria University’s international cohort, Singh said, comprising about 36%, followed by China with about 18%. “India is huge – 1.4 billion people,” Singh told The Australian Financial Review. “There are plenty of students. So, our mindset is not about being competitive with other universities, it is about growing the market share.”
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