Panel calls for temporary Tokyo university enrolment hikes

A government panel of experts in Japan proposed on Thursday 16 February that universities in Tokyo’s densely populated 23 wards be allowed to increase their enrolment capacities as a temporary measure, reports JIJI.

Specifically, the panel called for allowing such increases for information technology-related faculties and departments, including those to be newly established, as part of efforts to nurture digital experts. At a meeting, the panel broadly approved a plan to partially relax the admission capacity hike ban for the universities. The panel also proposed that the capacities be returned to original levels after the temporary increases for a certain period.

In response, the government will consider necessary revisions to relevant ordinances. The restriction is expected to be eased in fiscal 2024 at the earliest. “It is important to increase the absolute number of digital experts across Japan, including the 23 wards, in order to strengthen the country’s industrial competitiveness and supply necessary human resources to each region,” the panel said in the proposal.
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