Ministry, universities reach an agreement on fee increase

After almost a week of protests, the rectors of private universities and Colombia’s Ministry of Education have found agreement over the tuition fee hike, which caused student strikes in these cloisters, as well as other types of demonstrations, reports The Times Hub.

The agreement that was accepted by the majority would guarantee that the increases would not be more than 12.2%, which is the Consumer Price Index, a proposal that had already been issued by Minister of Education Alejandro Gaviria, a former rector of the University of Los Andes. The rectors of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and the University of Los Andes said they were open to dialogue with the student body.

The agreement was achieved after a meeting between the ministry, the Colombian Association of Universities and the cloisters. It was not an imposition by the government or something similar, since it must be taken into account that the Ministry of Education cannot set a limit on the rates, although, on 18 November Minister Gaviria had said that he was waiting for a document justifying the announced increases.
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