Call for state universities to enrol private school leavers

State universities in Cyprus should offer places to private school graduates with international qualifications, parents of children attending private high schools said on Wednesday 2 November, writes Gina Agapiou for the Cyprus Mail.

Representatives of parents and guardians of private school children delivered a memorandum to Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou and the House Education Committee Chairman Pavlos Mylonas requesting public universities offer places to students with international access qualifications such as A levels.

They said that since 2009, the legislation allows all public universities in Cyprus to offer excess places to public and private school graduates based on recognised qualifications. However, for the past 13 years, this law has not been implemented because of specific administrative regulations which have not yet been passed. Thus, thousands of Cypriot students with excellent results in international examinations, who are accepted by most universities worldwide, are being deprived of the right to study in local state tertiary education institutions.
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