Union excluded from pay review threatens to ‘paralyse’ HE

The education workers’ union STESU, Syndicat des Travailleurs des Établissements Scolaires et Universitaires du Sénégal, has threatened to ‘paralyse’ universities in Senegal when the new academic year starts, in protest at the decision of the higher education minister to exclude its members from a pay upgrade.

Members of STESU at the University of Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis said no lecture halls would open if the Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr Cheikh Oumar Anne, did not reverse his decision to remove administrative, technical and service personnel from a salary review, reported Sud Quotidien of Dakar.

They are angry that the non-teaching staff, whom the union represents, will be excluded from the upgrade, while it will go ahead for university teachers and researchers, backdated to May, reported Sud Quotidien.

At a press conference, union representatives demanded more respect and consideration from the authorities, while threatening to close down education in the nation’s universities.

“We, who are stakeholders in this institution, can paralyse it. And if, in the next few days, our rights have not been restored, you should be aware there will be no opening of the lecture halls in the universities,” Sud Quotidien quoted Amath Diallo, general secretary of STESU, as saying.

The union issued a request to the minister to reconsider his decision; but, if not, it would continue its action until it won, reported Sud Quotidien. — Compiled by Jane Marshall.

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