Universities can hire experts as faculty without a degree

Universities and higher education institutions in India will soon be able to hire distinguished experts as faculty members under a new category for which formal academic qualification and publication requirements will not be mandatory, reports PTI.

The decision to introduce the scheme known as Professors of Practice was taken by the University Grants Commission in its 560th meeting last week. According to the approved draft guidelines of Professors of Practice accessed by PTI, experts from fields such as engineering, science, media, literature, entrepreneurship, social sciences, fine arts, civil services and armed forces, among others, will be eligible to be hired.

“Those who have proven expertise in their specific profession or role with at least 15 years of service or experience, preferably at a senior level, will be eligible for Professors of Practice. A formal academic qualification is not considered essential for this position if they have exemplary professional practice in lieu,” read the guidelines, which are likely to come into effect from the upcoming academic session.
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