As concern mounts, government says loans board here to stay

The government says the higher education students’ fund will be sustainable considering strategies to improve the scheme’s performance, especially the loans board efficiency in collecting debts and allocating credits to new students, writes Jacob Mosenda for The Citizen.

This comes as a result of concerns about the sustainability of the loan system for higher education students in the country. Stakeholders have also suggested better ways to get borrowers and employers to adhere to the requirement to repay loans on time to protect the fund.

The government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has kicked off implementation of the Higher Education for Economic Transformation programme – a five-year project worth US$425 billion through World Bank support – that aims to promote higher education as a catalytic force in the new Tanzanian economy. Through this project the government has also formed a team to assess the conduct of higher education loans application and allocation.
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