Yeshiva University must recognise LGBTQ club – Judge

Students at Yeshiva University in New York have tried for years to get their school to recognise an LGBTQ student club, pushing back on the administration’s argument that its status as a Modern Orthodox Jewish school exempted it from the city’s human rights law, writes Liam Stack for The New York Times.

Last year, a group of students and alumni filed a lawsuit, and on Tuesday 14 June a state judge ruled in their favour, declaring that Yeshiva is not a religious institution and so must follow the law and recognise the club.

Bina Davidson, who had been the co-president of the YU Pride Alliance until she graduated in January, said she and other students were thrilled about the ruling. But their victory may be short lived. Administrators at Yeshiva, which is named after a type of traditional Jewish religious school that is found all over the world, vowed to appeal. They also said they would ask the courts to stay the decision.
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