Government universities reject two-day weekend decision

Government universities in Nepal have decided not to implement the two-day holiday every week decision imposed by the government with effect from 15 May, “as the decision will have a huge academic loss,” reports Republica.

According to Tribhuvan University Registrar Peshal Dahal, it is not possible to give additional leave on Sunday as the curriculum, academic calendar, examination and class hours have already been fixed for six days a week (and) it will be inconvenient to complete the course in five days a week by giving two days’ holiday.

In an effort to reduce the use of fuel, the importation of which is straining the national economy, the government decided to enforce a two-day holiday a week from 15 May. However, Bhawani Dutta Pandey, head of the general administration division of the Far Western University, published a public notice on 18 May stating that the two-day weekend decision will affect the predetermined educational programmes of the university.
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