Bomb-threatened historically black schools to receive grants

United States Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday 16 March announced grants and a resource guide for historically black colleges and universities that were targeted with bomb threats, saying the Biden-Harris administration would “do everything in our power to protect all our communities, from violence and from hate”, writes Erin B Logan for the Los Angeles Times.

Since January, bomb threats have been levelled at more than a third of so-called HBCUs, including Albany State University in Georgia, Jackson State University in Mississippi, Bethune-Cookman University in Florida and Howard University in Washington, DC, according to the White House. The threats have disrupted campus life, diverted resources and increased the burden on mental health centres.

The grants announced by Harris would award eligible colleges whose campuses have been significantly disrupted between US$50,000 and US$150,000. The money can be used for mental health, enhanced campus security and other purposes. Harris also announced that institutions would have access to a federal resource guide on protecting, preventing and recovering from “acts of violence”, Harris said.
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