School leavers not keen to study agriculture at university

Agriculture is the most important sector of Cambodia’s economy in terms of its share of gross domestic product and employs the vast majority of the workforce. But sadly, hardly any Grade 12 students who excelled in the recently announced examination seem interested in pursuing agricultural studies at university, writes Chhun Sunly for the Khmer Times.

Instead, they apply for many other university programmes and courses while ignoring the need to master agricultural studies to help the nation further grow, expand and be competitive in the international market.

Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association Director Ouk Chhayavy told Khmer Times that even the children of farmers do not want to pursue higher studies in the field of agriculture. She is of the opinion that this could be due to the fact that these children see their parents toiling hard as farmers day and night and they do not want to do the same.
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